St. Patrick’s Vs Dyce BC – 2004

  • December 8, 2018

St. Patrick’s 0 – 4 Dyce BC

Our run in the Scottish Cup came to an end today at Bothwellhaugh against a plucky Dyce BC. Depleted by freak injuries, this fixture was a game too early for our squad. The challenge was left to all that answered the call to face Dyce and pull off a great result at home.

 We never really settled into our rhythm. In contrast, Dyce started strongly seizing the initiative from kick-off. The visitors came close within minutes with a flying header over the bar. Momentum was in their favour as they pushed on from the wings and threatened our goals. Seven minutes in and the Aberdonians got their just reward, albeit through an unforced error of our own. An innocuous cross into our box, a fumble and we were a goal down. Chasing the game we struggled to impose ourselves. Attempts at getting through the opposition lines were repelled by a well organised Dyce. From time to time we would see glimpses of great play from our team.  However, they would be frustrated in the latter third with the quality of the final ball missing. As we neared the end of the first half Dyce doubled their advantage with a contentious effort. Shouts for offside were ignored and the goal stood. We went to the break with the visitors two goals ahead.

At the restart we looked to grab the game by the throat and kick on. However, our plans were shot to pieces when Dyce took control in the second minute of the second half with a good effort. The body language on the sidelines told a whole story. The game was slipping away from us and we had played our hand. Circumstances were dictating our fate and brave efforts were falling short. Great interplay was few and far between. Dyce remained organised and disciplined. Lennon came on for Joe in goals, the only change we could afford. At the back Beau put in a commanding performance regardless. But a mix up in the final minutes in our penalty area was punished by a ruthless Dyce. To compound our misery, Mairtin limped off the field with no one to replace him; a picture that summed up our team today. In the end, Dyce were a better team and were well deserving of their victory. They were a challenge too far as we look forward to welcoming back our walking wounded.

We cannot end this match report without paying tribute to Busby 2004 player Regan Murray, who sadly took his own life. Words fail us to express the sadness, sorrow and distress such a tragic loss has on anyone that heard the news. Regan Murray was after all a wee boy who enjoyed football just like our own. The nature of his passing at such a tender age puts everything in perspective and reminds us, if needs be, that our children’s health, emotional and mental wellbeing in particular is paramount.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Regan’s family, teammates and those close to him. May they be comforted in knowing that we are all thinking of them and share in their grief.

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