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St. Patrick’s Vs St. Rochs – 2004

St. Patrick’s 5 - 1 St. Rochs It was forecasted sleet showers, wind, rain, snow and sunny spells. Within the space of the 80 minutes played we experienced all of them. Thank the Lord and the helpful parents for the hot brew on offer to help fight the cold. St. Rochs were the visitors today in an unusual black ... More

St. Rochs Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

St. Rochs 1 - 4 St. Patrick’s Today's fixture may be viewed by some as a derby. It encompasses all the emotions and passion of a derby. The time of two halves the grass pitch will bear the scars of battle, cut up and lacerated by the endeavours of twenty two enthusiastic young players urged on by a vociferous and ... More