St. Patrick’s Vs Glenvale AFC – 2004

  • October 13, 2019

St. Patrick’s 3 – 5 Glenvale AFC

We exited the Scottish today at home at the hands of a plucky Glenvale. However, the result will not take away from a competitive game and a lot of positive play. Hopefully, the end is in sight for some of the injuries that have taken their toll on the squad. Their imminent return will go a long way in restoring the team’s in-depth strength.

Glenvale were quick off the mark taking the initiative from kick off. In fact, within the first ten minutes Lennon’s performance in goals deserved recognition. He pulled off consecutive stops to frustrate Glenvale. In doing so he kept us in the tie. His efforts were soon to be rewarded at the other end. Dylan lifted the ball over the visitors’ defence and Euan was promptly onto it. The keeper saw the danger and came out to meet it head on. We all waited for the inevitable physical collision. However, fortune favours the brave. With an opportunity at stake Euan bravely put his head where it hurts and it paid off. He got onto the loose ball and wrapped his left foot round the ball, past the last defender and into the net to open the score. It certainly was against the run of play. But it was definitely what we needed. Like serotonin throughout the squad we looked much happier and our quality of play improved. We started challenging the opposition and were dangerous going forward. Before long our pressing of the Glenvale defence paid off when we doubled our score. Aidan cut out the keeper’s clearance and quickly fed Euan who struck on the turn into the far bottom corner. A stunned Glenvale wondered what just happened. As the visitors looked to hit back we just had to defend our lead with all we got. At the first opportunity to protect our lead we failed. A move on the right was allowed to get into the danger area and the visitors ended up reducing the score. Re-energised , Glenvale showed spirit in a fightback. We held firm and were very unfortunate to concede an own goal to level the score. To make matters worse for us we conceded again just before the break.

At the restart we looked to hit back. We puffed and huffed but could not get the breakthrough our play needed and deserved. A blatant technical foul prevented Euan going through on goal, when he skinned the last defender to the right who literally grabbed him to stop his run. While the defender took one for the team and a yellow in the process we rued a great opportunity missed. Instead Glenvale extended their advantage when a long range effort beat Lennon. However, we never gave up. With ten minutes to go we benefited from a controversial throw-in. The ball was moved to Euan on the right of the penalty box, he took it on and composed squeezed the ball past the keeper at the near post for a masterful hat-trick. With a few minutes left on the clock we threw caution to the wind and went for it. Unfortunately, we  soon paid for our bold move as a free kick flighted to the second post was guided into the net to seal the score.

Although, the result didn’t go our way today this was an eventful and enjoyable game. We congratulate Glenvale on progressing to the next round and wish them well. Our focus remains on performing to our full potential. Therefore, in the grand scheme of things the pride we have in the boys outweighs this fleeting setback.

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