St. Patrick’s Vs Cathcart BC – 2004

  • March 1, 2020

St. Patrick’s 2 – 3 Cathcart BC

Overnight Storm Jorge could be heard furiously lashing out at everything that stood in its way. The away dugout at Bothwellhaugh was uprooted off its anchored pins and would not look at of place in a disaster zone. However, our game went ahead as we hosted Cathcart.
A much changed line up from the last time this fixture was played welcomed the visitors. Euan opted to help his basketball team earn the win in Edinburgh that would see them qualify for the playoffs. New faces took to the field alongside diehards who resisted the  recent wind of change that swept through the squad to stick around. A good start saw us move the ball brilliantly with excellent play from the back to front which gave us much promise. We certainly were not intimidated by the visitors’ lofty position in the league. But when they took the lead five minutes into the game against the run of play we had to take notice. We settled slowly into our rhythm. The boys were encouraged to maintain positive patterns of play in the knowledge that it would eventually pay off. It was extremely encouraging to see the new faces have a positive impact on the proceedings. Despite their early lead Cathcart were challenged time and time again. With thirty two minutes on the clock our efforts were finally rewarded. Harald was ahead of his marker when he was pulled down before he received the return pass. The referee immediately pointed to the spot despite vehement protests from the visitors. Harald dusted himself off, stepped up to the ball and calmly puts it away sending the keeper the wrong way. It was certainly no more than we deserved. We went to the break level, but definitely the better team.
At the restart, we looked to kick on from a strong finish to the first half. Once again however we proved to be our worst enemy. A high shot on goal was palmed by Joe. But before it was gathered under control the referee had judged that it had crossed the line. Where is VAR when you need it? While the jubilant Cathcart faithful celebrated we couldn’t help but contemplate the challenge to do it all over again. We went back to work and managed to carve out some great chances but failed to take them. The quality of football we displayed gave us hope that the game was there for us to win. But of course possession alone doesn’t win games without the goals to back it up. The goal finally came half way through the second half. Good delivery from a corner into the Cathcart box and Patrick promptly finished from close range. This time we surely had Cathcart on the ropes. We pushed on in an attempt to kill the game off. Once again chances came and went. We overplayed when all that was needed was a shot on goal. The visitors survived and with the game heading to a draw, Cathcart made the most of a chance on goal to score with five minutes left on the clock. We immediately looked to respond. In the end we had run out of time….
Cathcart left Bothwellhaugh today with all three points. However, there was plenty on show to give us great confidence in the rebuilding job at hand, and most of all at the great potential this quickly assembled team showed. The future looks brighter than ever despite the result.

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