Petershill YFC Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

  • October 28, 2018

Petershill YFC 2 – 1 St. Patrick’s

If history and experience are anything to go by, then this fixture is volatile in all sorts of ways. However, once again we headed to Crownpoint to play Petershill, the Mighty Peesy rising strong from the ashes to mount a serious challenge to the title.

If we were in any doubt about Petershill’s credentials to the title, we soon found out after kick off. Battle ready, the Mighty Peesy roared louder than ever pumped up for an encounter they probably knew would not be easy. As for us, we had already seen it before. Unphased, we went about our game focused on what was needed of us with Lennon and Tyler unavailable. As the intensity of the game grew we were in no doubt about Petershill’s desire. It was made plain in the second ball, the 50/50, the tackle, the fight for the loose ball. We stayed with them all the way and in fact enjoyed much more possession, but sadly lacked cutting edge in the latter third. Twenty minutes in and Petershill found the breakthrough, finishing off from close range. Crownpoint went wild. The goal gave Peesy the lift they needed. Their hard work had finally paid off. Our boys were still in it and worked hard to get back in the game. Regardless, we went to half time still trailing by that solitary goal.

At the restart we came back fighting. We pushed Petershill back in their own half and the fight raged on as they fiercely protected their lead. Chances fell our way in a crowded penalty area, but somehow we failed to take them. It must have been torture for our support as they patiently waited for something to cheer about. Instead they contented themselves with gasps of horror when Mairtin was the subject of a terrible tackle. His assailant was given a straight red for his troubles. Fortunately, for our play maker he came away with just a ghastly gash. To add insult to injury the ten men Petershill soon increased their lead capitalising on a run that we failed to cut off. The goal seemed to sting our boys’ pride as they responded immediately with a goal from Dylan who had joined the attack. They then chased on for the equaliser throwing everything they got. We bombarded the Petershill danger area and each time we failed by the closest of margins. The final whistle finally sounded to the joy of the Petershill faithful in full voice with chants of Peesy, Peesy, Peesy…!

Petershill deserved their victory today. We fought hard but it wasn’t to be. However, we won’t dwell on this setback too long. As the great Michael Jordan would say, “I’ve never lost a game I just ran out of time” and “To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail.”  We ran out of time today and of course, we will remember not to next time… and next time we will have photos of the game. Photos have always proved controversial in this fixture & were avoided today as a result.

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