Dumbarton Riverside Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

  • November 25, 2018

Dumbarton Riverside 5 – 5 St. Patrick’s
( Penalties 4 – 3 )

Most of us probably had one of those days when things aren’t just going for you. The good vibe is just missing. You’re unsure of your style, walk, shoes, hat. Breakfast seems hard work, so can’t be bothered. You’re not tired, but effort is required for everything you do. Then you wish you had done this instead of that. The existentialism thinking however would insist that, through their own consciousness, a person determines what happens to them and the path their life takes.

In today’s game we determined our own fate. We started very timid, lethargic and slow in action. The fizz, sass, pizzazz and swagger were non existence. For long periods of time it was as if we were still prisoners of an early morning torpor through lack of sleep. Dumbarton played what looked like their normal game and didn’t have to work very hard for the first goal three minutes in. Going down we immediately reacted. Lennon’s goal kick to Jamie who lifts ball over the defense to Euan who takes the pass on and shoots low to score. We would normally raise our game, kick on to go on and win. But instead we conceded again with our defense struggling to deal the ball. And yet again we hit back instantly a pattern in this strange game for us. Tyler drew the free kick. Dylan and Jamie worked out a fabulous free kick routine that allowed Dylan to dink the ball over the defense for Euan to head into the far corner out of the keeper’s reach. It almost seemed that when challenged we did just enough to get back. Then we went into the lead. Tyler won another free kick and Dom delivered a peach of a ball into the far post for Dylan to nod home from close range. No sooner had we gone in front that we let the lead slip five minutes later. And so we went to the break all square.

At the restart Ricky and Mairtin came on. Joe will also come on to take over from Lennon. Still, things wouldn’t go our way. We conceded seven minutes in and had to chase again. We lifted our game and pushed Dumbarton but could not find a way through. They worked really hard to contain us. But then Ben’s hit-and-hope shot slipped through the keeper’s legs to draw us level. For a moment we hoped our luck had finally turned. We maintained the pressure. Another corner and Dom delivered the ball into the box. The keeper went to catch and dropped the ball. Ricky finished at the second post. But once again and too often in this game, we let the lead slip. It was now anybody’s game. We failed to find a winner in normal time and the inevitable penalties came. Lennon had taken over to see us through. Despite saving one penalty , our journey in the Regional Cup was cut short for this season.

In the end we came up short today. It certainly doesn’t turn us into a bad team. An existentialist would say that we are responsible for our own actions, therefore responsible for our early exit. What does this really mean in football? Well, to start with, the existentialists maintain that the world we live in is illogical and does not make sense. As you know some people go on about how some teams are great on paper. But of course this means that those teams can come unstuck against less favoured opposition. So, according to the existentialists we need to take the necessary steps to be masters of our own destiny. Every person as part of the team needs to work harder, make better decisions and express themselves with more discipline and confidence than their opponent in order to come out on top. So from the goalie, the defender, the forward, the sub, the coach, the first-aider, the selector; how all these people define themselves around the team determines the team’s fate including any poor decisions and choices. You might be surprised to learn that one of the main factors that can hamper good decision-making is too much optimism.

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