Football is one of the core sports on offer at St. Patrick’s Sports Academy. From an early age, children are encouraged to express themselves and get in the routine of exercising.

Our Soccer School help shape young people’s ability from age 3. This process involves much more than just football. Through carefully selected activities, children are encouraged to socialise, play with other children, share in the activities and learn discipline in social groups. They are introduced to basic ball handling skills and play with a football.

The older teams receive quality training to compete in their respective leagues. Success is not only measured in trophies. Players at St. Patrick’s Sports Academy are taught respect, hard work and resilience to overcome setbacks. These are some of the core human values instilled in the young people that join us and help them grow into responsible citizens. Ladies football is also on offer and we encourage disability and veterans football.

We have opportunities for coaches and always on the lookout for volunteers.