The St. Patrick’s Running Club is not for professional running. It can lead to professional running for those looking to go to the next level of course. However, the initial objective of the running club fits in with the club’s overall ethics about serving the community and helping improve fitness and well-being.

Running has become the fastest growing fitness leisure activity in the city. Lunch breaks see more and more employees take to the pavements eager to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise in their otherwise busy schedule. Some wait till the end of the day to pound the streets. There is no doubt that society is becoming more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and fitness is a core part of that. Joining our running club offers the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Keep fit and enjoy your hobby with us.

We are looking for Team Leaders to help organise, lead and deliver regular running activities. Please complete online form to join us. In the meantime, you can find out running and jogging health benefits.