St. Patrick’s Vs Shettleston Jnrs – 2004

  • April 28, 2019

St. Patrick’s 0 – 2 Shettleston Jnrs

Our great winning run came to an abrupt end today against a resolute Shettleston. Bothwellhaugh didn’t offer changing rooms due to ongoing refurbishment works, so we hosted Shettleston at St. Ambrose. With the visitors challenging for the league’s top spot and us looking to make up for a last minute collapse when we played them away, the game had a certain anticipation about it.

Though our preparations were disrupted with the loss of Mairtin and Ollie through illness and injury, and Gallagher and Lennon through family commitments, we were confident of a good performance and result on the day. We started off strong and for much of the first half the game was well balanced between the two teams. We breathed a sigh of relief when Shettleston failed to intercept a keeper’s clearance that was too close for comfort. However, from then on Joe never looked back and went on to have a fantastic game in goals, pulling off crucial saves to keep us in the game. Euan and Reilly found themselves in threatening positions but failed to pull the trigger in time. In the end the nil-nil score at the break reflected a close match.

At the restart Shettleston made their intention clear when they rattled the bar in the fifth minute. At the back Beau worked hard to keep things together with a powerful performance. However, at times we found the simple things too hard to accomplish; passes going astray, held on to the ball too long, picked the wrong option or simply miss a team mate that seemed the obvious choice and support. Clear chances were far and few in between and not taken when they came. The battle raged on for some time before Shettleston got the break they were hoping for with fifteen minutes to go. An incursion from the left wing was finished off from close range and celebrated with great joy and exhilaration. Ten minutes to go and Shettleston doubled their advantage with a controversial effort to our great disappointment. With the ball being adjudged to have gone out of play, some of our boys paused play. But of course, anyone will tell you to always play to the referee’s whistle. The disappointment was visible on our boys faces and demeanour. But they should be commended for the respectful manner in which they accepted the result and congratulated the victors.

There is no doubt that another day and time the result could have been different, who knows? Regardless, it is always important to acknowledge and bear in mind that in life we all have to play the hand we’re dealt with. The best way to overcome such disappointments is to just keep working hard with the strong belief that setbacks are bound to be overcome.

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