St. Patrick’s Vs Glasgow Red Star – 2004

St. Patrick’s 3 - 1 Glasgow Red Star The cold fresh morning was well counterbalanced by lovely sunshine for a great autumnal day. Glasgow Red Star rolled into town today vying for the three points on offer. Of course, we wanted those three points too and therefore the battle lines were pre-drawn. We welcomed back ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Glenvale AFC – 2004

St. Patrick’s 3 - 5 Glenvale AFC We exited the Scottish today at home at the hands of a plucky Glenvale. However, the result will not take away from a competitive game and a lot of positive play. Hopefully, the end is in sight for some of the injuries that have taken their toll on the squad. Their imminent return will ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Clydebank FC – 2004

St. Patrick’s 5 - 2 Clydebank FC After a disappointing opening game in the league we had the opportunity to make amends at home against Clydebank. It certainly was never a foregone conclusion as Clydebank are a decent outfit likely to give every team a run for their money. The return of some players from injury signif... More

Cathcart Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Cathcart 3 - 0 St. Patrick’s Have you ever wondered what's a football park without football? Or a play-park without children? A function is vital as it gives purpose without which the structure is nothing. Humans are not and should not be defined by a job or role. Instead, we should aim to perform our duties with ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Giffnock SC Reds – 2004

St. Patrick’s 1 - 0 Giffnock SC Reds We lost sight of mundane affairs today as we bravely ventured into the Scottish Cup. A first round draw had thrown Giffnock SC Reds into our path, and come what may we knew our journey would not be a bed of roses. Perched high on hilly ground, Petershill would be home in this ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Dumbarton Utd – 2004

St. Patrick’s 10 - 1 Dumbarton Utd Dumbarton Utd rolled into town with a clear mission to put the skids under our good run in the league cup. We had not played at Bothwellhaugh for some time now and we certainly looked forward to playing at home. We were not going to take Dumbarton lightly, and therefore approached ... More

Thistle Weir Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Thistle Weir 2 - 12 St. Patrick’s It was a glorious day as we headed out to Springburn to face Thistle Weir away. Although the last game was won comfortably, we couldn't help but feel we could have and should have performed better. As a result, today's game was an opportunity to atone for any previous shortcomings. ... More

Cambuslang FA Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Cambuslang FA 0 - 10 St. Patrick's Ooohhh yes people, summer's over and grassroots football is back! One could easily spot youngsters in their football kit tagging along family members in shops, eateries and along the pavements. Like clockwork we came out and headed to sport venues across the city in support of our ... More

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2006 – St. Patrick’s Complete an unprecedented treble

St. Patrick's 2 - 1 Linwood Rangers Today's Regional Cup final was not lost on those that attended the club's Annual Presentation Dance last night. The guests were informed that the 2006 were preparing for the final the next day and therefore could not attend. The room reverberated with applause and we wished them well as ... More