Cambuslang FA Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

  • August 18, 2019

Cambuslang FA 0 – 10 St. Patrick’s

Ooohhh yes people, summer’s over and grassroots football is back! One could easily spot youngsters in their football kit tagging along family members in shops, eateries and along the pavements. Like clockwork we came out and headed to sport venues across the city in support of our children.

We were paired with Cambuslang FA in our opening fixture in the League Cup. Cambi Academy, as they are affectionately known, have players in the same social circles as some of our players. So, this game had a friendly rivalry bubbling with bragging rights at stake. It certainly showed as the game kicked off. A scrappy affair in the middle of the park indicated plenty of heart in these initial exchanges. However, the St. Patrick’s faithful most likely found their team’s style of play unrecognisable. While our quality of play was below expected standards, Cambi’s confidence seemed unaffected and they showed plenty of spirit despite not threatening our goals. Urged on, our boys worked hard to get a foothold on the game. A switch of personnel saw Joseph switched to wing back, Euan moved to spearhead our attack and Harald slotted into a deeper role. The pressure started to tell with a few corners coming our way. Euan put a great headed ball just wide. To their credit, Cambi held firm and defended well. Dom’s corner found Harald’s head and Cambi cleared to another corner. Cambi should have heeded the warning signs. Dom delivered a great ball into the box for his second consecutive corner and this time Harald rose acrobatically to finish with a brilliant scissor kick into the bottom corner. The signature somersault celebrations and quality of the goal in the dying seconds of the first half made up for a poor performance this far.

At the break Ben, Mairtin & Owen came on and the team was asked to raise the bar. Within minutes of the restart Cambi were stretched. Mairtin was fed by Tyler on the right and drove inside to double our score. Cambi were given no time to recover. Ben drove past defenders on the left wing before delivering in a great cross for Euan to tap in. For the next fourteen minutes Cambi stood strong. They were undone when Ricky lifted the ball over the defence for Euan to score. Our quality of play in the second half was in stark contrast to the first. It was fluid with great patterns of play across the pitch. The boys were energetic and mobile, causing the opposition all sorts of problems. Unfortunately, Jamie had to come off injured and Dylan showed fantastic leadership stepping in, but most of all supporting his team mates. At the back Patrick ensured the Cambi forward line was kept quiet. Harald was thrown back in after making way at the break. He took his next chance admirably with a delicious chip from outside the box into the far top corner. Immediately after, he put a great ball through to Tyler who gratefully  converted without a fuss. Pegged into their own half Cambi struggled to get out. Their defence was now being subjected to intense pressure. Euan picked out Dom on the edge of the Cambi defence on the right and Dom neatly squeezed a fierce shot past the keeper at the near post. Ben was not going to be left out of the scoring charts. He had already come close and when he drove into the opposition defence this time his low strike crept into the net to reward his efforts. Cambi’s misery was not over yet. An unstoppable Mairtin literally drove through Cambi with skill and purpose to score a brilliant solo goal to break the opposition’s spirits. But there was still one more goal to come, a nice sweaty. An unselfish Harald picked out the unmarked Aidan at the far post for a tap in to bring an end to a frenetic second half in our favour.

Some would say that it was a game of two halves. But this was more a case of our team blowing cold then hot. Regardless, it was satisfying for our boys to show what they are capable of in the second half. A great and positive start to the season no doubt.

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