Summerston BC Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Summerston BC 0 - 9 St. Patrick’s To those that find themselves in a dark tunnel, the pain and suffering may feel like forever. Every effort would feel like a pointless and frustrating challenge that would end in failure. Time would drag on and weigh on the mind to asphyxiate any glimmer of life. A strong character ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Drumchapel Amateurs – 2004

St. Patrick’s 1 - 3 Drumchapel Amateurs ... And so our miserable run continues. The return leg against Drumchapel ended up with a defeat. However, it was a very encouraging combative display from the team. The result is certainly an indication that we need to get our house in order and be competitive once again. A ... More

Drumchapel Amateurs Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Drumchapel Amateurs 3 - 2 St. Patrick’s We conceded further ground to the title chasers at Drumchapel today. Despite our efforts and hard work to keep up the chase, defeat today certainly has put a massive dent on our title credentials. It was a close game, but a resolute Drumchapel kept plugging away. Half way ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Petershill YFC – 2004

St. Patrick’s 2 - 2 Petershill YFC What do you know? Another game and we somehow let a good lead slip. This time it was against Petershill at home. We came away with two points dropped, but feeling like all points were lost. Some would simply say, "that's football" and they would have been so right. Yes, there is ... More

Shettleston Jnrs Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Shettleston Jnrs 3 - 3 St. Patrick’s After the Festive Season we returned to action today against Shettleston. Unbeaten in the league this far, Shettleston would be looking to add another scalp to their impressive league form. Standing in their way we headed to Greenfield confident our quality of play would see us ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Dyce BC – 2004

St. Patrick’s 0 - 4 Dyce BC Our run in the Scottish Cup came to an end today at Bothwellhaugh against a plucky Dyce BC. Depleted by freak injuries, this fixture was a game too early for our squad. The challenge was left to all that answered the call to face Dyce and pull off a great result at home.  We never ... More

Dumbarton Riverside Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Dumbarton Riverside 5 - 5 St. Patrick’s ( Penalties 4 - 3 ) Most of us probably had one of those days when things aren't just going for you. The good vibe is just missing. You're unsure of your style, walk, shoes, hat. Breakfast seems hard work, so can't be bothered. You're not tired, but effort is required for ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs East Craigie Swifts – 2004

St. Patrick’s 3 - 2 East Craigie Swifts We booked our ticket into the next round of the Scottish Cup in a game filled with drama, heightened emotions and sheer passion. On both sides of the sidelines the frustrations were vocalised in support of their team. Screams, gasps, remonstrations and dramatic gesticulations ... More

St. Rochs Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

St. Rochs 1 - 4 St. Patrick’s Today's fixture may be viewed by some as a derby. It encompasses all the emotions and passion of a derby. The time of two halves the grass pitch will bear the scars of battle, cut up and lacerated by the endeavours of twenty two enthusiastic young players urged on by a vociferous and ... More

Walking Club – Get The T-shirt

  A high number of parents and relatives are finding themselves more and more having to commit to taking children to sports clubs across the country. However, while the young ones actively take part in their chosen activities our dedicated parents find themselves having to think of ways to while away time and keep ... More