Monthly Dues

  • July 30, 2018

St. Patrick’s Sports Academy have set a fee structure designed to find a balance between affordability to contributors and necessity to run and keep afloat a non profit sports organisation. The fees vary from the activities and sports on offer. Running, Walking and Cycling fees will differ from Football. Below are the fees that currently apply to Football

The monthly fee is set at £28 per player for all 7-a-sides teams. Payment of this monthly fee is made directly to St. Patrick’s Sports Academy by Standing Order at a date specified by the club at the time of joining for a period of 12 months a year. No club registration fee required.

The 11 a-sides teams’ fee stands at £40 a month also payable by monthly standing order directly to the club.

Families that have more than one member playing for St. Patrick’s Sports Academy will benefit from a 50% reduction of the monthly fee for younger siblings.

All players that join the club are expected to pay the monthly dues.


Updated July 2018, St. Patrick’s Sports Academy

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