Code of Conduct

  • July 30, 2018

St. Patrick’s Sports Academy prides itself on the good behaviour of its coaches, players, supporters, parents and all linked with the club. The club therefore greatly appreciates efforts by all to keep to the club’s code of conduct. The club expects all to behave in a manner appropriate to their surroundings. Failure to comply to the club’s Code of Conduct could result in suspension and/or dismissal. A warning may not be issued given the nature and gravity of the offence.

  • St. Patrick’s Sports Academy believes in a policy of inclusivity and diversity with a primary aim to welcome all people regardless of social, racial, cultural, disability, belief and gender differences; where individuals are enriched, integrated and supported in meeting their aspirations and goals. The club therefore condemns any such behaviour that discriminates on the basis of race, gender, disability, age and any other criteria that may be used as a basis for discrimination.
  • At the St. Patrick’s Sports Academy everyone has a responsibility to help keep others safe, in particular children and other vulnerable adults. Vigilance at all times is required of staff to ensure that children are not exposed to risks, abuse, harassment or any harm. The club takes this policy very seriously. The club has adopted and consistently applies guidance approved by Disclosure Scotland to meet safeguard requirements. This demonstrates the club’s commitment in helping keep children and vulnerable adults safe. Take good care of children and vulnerable adults until they have safely been returned to their guardians.
  • Good sportsmanship should be promoted at every level whether in recreational activities, competitive games, training or when representing the club at festivals and other meetings. This applies to players, coaches, parents and supporters of the club.
  • St. Patrick’s Sports Academy is a non profit organisation. Members linked to the club in any capacity should never exert undue influence in any capacity to obtain financial gain or personal benefit or reward. Fees and charges applied by the club for services rendered must be paid directly into the club central fund to benefit all teams run by the club.
  • Participants should always be encouraged to value their performances and not only the results. As a result, never condone rule violation, foul play, use of offensive language and unsporting behaviour, use of drugs or prohibited substances. Never encourage or promote lewd acts, excessive alcohol consumption or force anyone to take part in such activities.
  • Do not miss-use  the name of the club in activities, meetings, gatherings and literature for personal or financial gain without prior permission.
  • Parents of players and members of the club should abide to the parents and spectators code of conduct.
  • Young people should be given the emotional and educational support to help them develop. Support staff should create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and development. This implies encouragement and supporting efforts; and eliminate intimidation of any kind.
  • Promote respect of coaches and volunteers, respect of children and players, respect of parents and guardians, respect of opponents, opposing parents, opposing coaches and staff. Consistently display high standards of behaviour at training, games and any meeting attended in the name of the club.
  • Make every possible attempt to abide by the club’s code of conduct


Updated July 2018, St. Patrick’s Sports Academy

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