St. Patrick’s Vs Clydebank – 2004

St. Patrick’s 3 - 0 Clydebank A later morning kick-off today in the rain did not dampen the spirits. Having not played last weekend we were keen to get back playing again. For our first home game this season we ran the risk of a depleted squad against Clydebank. Nonetheless, we went ahead confident but ready to face the ... More

Cumbernauld Colts Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Cumbernauld Colts 0 - 10 St. Patrick’s Broadwood Stadium was certainly no intimidation despite its cavernous echo. The boys took to the pitch confident and to some extent excited to be performing in a proper stadium. Up in the stands the scattered support looked forward to an entertaining game. The rain could not ... More

Dally Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Dally 0 - 14 St. Patrick's ... And so the journey continues, through the discomfort of hard rocks on our sensitive feet, surviving the splinters buried into our flesh from the overgrown weeds and sticks in our path. Friends we made in good and hard times, friends we lost along the way. However, the belief we have in the ... More