St. Patrick’s Vs East Craigie Swifts – 2004

St. Patrick’s 3 - 2 East Craigie Swifts We booked our ticket into the next round of the Scottish Cup in a game filled with drama, heightened emotions and sheer passion. On both sides of the sidelines the frustrations were vocalised in support of their team. Screams, gasps, remonstrations and dramatic gesticulations ... More

St. Rochs Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

St. Rochs 1 - 4 St. Patrick’s Today's fixture may be viewed by some as a derby. It encompasses all the emotions and passion of a derby. The time of two halves the grass pitch will bear the scars of battle, cut up and lacerated by the endeavours of twenty two enthusiastic young players urged on by a vociferous and ... More

Real Fife Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Real Fife 1 - 4 St. Patrick’s The great thing about the Scottish Cup is that it allows young people to visit places across the land they probably would not have visited. The worst thing is of course being compelled to travel to those places. With grassroots football being primary funded by parents and supported by ... More

Petershill YFC Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Petershill YFC 2 - 1 St. Patrick’s If history and experience are anything to go by, then this fixture is volatile in all sorts of ways. However, once again we headed to Crownpoint to play Petershill, the Mighty Peesy rising strong from the ashes to mount a serious challenge to the title. If we were in any doubt ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Oban Saints – 2004

St. Patrick’s 14 - 0 Oban Saints As the saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Some would go on to say that "Life is not a bed of roses". These proverbs express general truths and are used to teach and advise that at times in life we are bound to be confronted with difficulties and obstacles. However, ... More

Busby AFC Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Busby AFC 0 - 4 St. Patrick’s As seasons come and go, and years welcome new life as we grow, still the universe remains sacred and divine. Yet, the past, present and future go on to morph seamlessly every day as experience keeps us in line. We headed into the new league well aware of the challenges that lay ahead, the ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Westerton Utd – 2004

St. Patrick’s 6 - 4 Westerton Utd Ooohhh, the joys of the Scottish Cup! The intense emotions of a knock out competition that will have you knocked out cold one minute and elevate you to the heavens above the next, or vice versa. Definitely a roller-coaster of reactions most likely fatal for the faint-hearted. But we ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Palace Park Pride – 2004

St. Patrick’s 11 - 4 Palace Park Pride We were back at Bothwellhaugh for our Scottish Cup fixture against Palace Park and it felt good. Good positive vibe all round the team as we welcomed back Mairtin & Ben joined the team. However, Ollie unfortunately is still recovering. Our hopes for sunshine were dashed much ... More

St. Patrick’s Vs Clydebank – 2004

St. Patrick’s 3 - 0 Clydebank A later morning kick-off today in the rain did not dampen the spirits. Having not played last weekend we were keen to get back playing again. For our first home game this season we ran the risk of a depleted squad against Clydebank. Nonetheless, we went ahead confident but ready to face the ... More

Cumbernauld Colts Vs St. Patrick’s – 2004

Cumbernauld Colts 0 - 10 St. Patrick’s Broadwood Stadium was certainly no intimidation despite its cavernous echo. The boys took to the pitch confident and to some extent excited to be performing in a proper stadium. Up in the stands the scattered support looked forward to an entertaining game. The rain could not ... More